Commercial Property
Inspection and Security

We offer the most robust and comprehensive Commercial Property Inspection and Security services in the UK

Our professional team of experts are committed to delivering extensive security risk assessments, designed to track down weaknesses that might put your property on the verge of different threats. After assessing the risks, our experts put together a security plan for you that helps to overcome all those potential risks.

Property Inspection Services

We offer physical security assessments of the client’s property to identify its threats and vulnerabilities. Our diligent team has keen attention to detail to detect potential risks and security loopholes that are often overlooked by an untrained eye. 

Our survey inspects the existing security program, threats, criminal activity in the area, and past security events that have occurred on the property or in nearby areas. In addition to these, we also conduct operations on the following measures: 

  • Examine The Current Physical Security
  • Operations Audit Of The Current Security Guard Services
  • Analyse The Security Policies
  • Post Orders Or Changes In Security Protocols
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Local crime statistics and crime trends
  • Criminals activity the area and adjacent properties
  • Identify and prioritise your property’s specific risks

Reception Services

We aim to deliver well-presented and highly competent reception security services to make that strong first impression on your business. Our officers are (EFAW) Emergency First Aid at Work qualified and trained in Conflict management and de-escalation techniques. 

  • Access control is carried out with courtesy
  • A visible security presence acts as a red flag
  • A warm welcome for visitors
  • Information to visitors / signing in and out
  • Communication skills
  • Ensuring the premises is secured and safe
  • Maintaining a vigilant and watchful eye

Office Security

Office buildings are the prime targets for vandalism and break-ins. Our security consultants will survey your corporate site extensively, overlooking no detail to recommend you a perfect plan that will enable you to mitigate any potential risks. 

The 24/7 Control Room and Management Support facility enables us to adapt to the fast-changing requirements of our clients. Our CCTV surveillance system accesses a direct feed to our 24/7 remote monitoring station, which allows us to keep an eye on your building around the clock. In addition to the on-site security staff, our mobile patrols are always in your area, they can reach your workplace premises within minutes in case of any emergency. 

Farm Security

Farms and other rural premises face a large spectrum of challenges in combating a number of crimes. These constant threats to security, investment thefts, property damage and vandalism can be overwhelming and expensive. 

Our professional team of experts can help introduce cutting-edge technology measures on your farm that will significantly reduce your risk of fuel & machinery theft, livestock theft and other potential criminal activity. 

In addition, our experts can help you stiffen up your current on-farm security and provide additional surplus side benefits that can benefit you in the management of your rural land, livestock and business.