Concierge Security

Knight and Day Security Limited is delivering highly competitive concierge security services in the UK that are the epitome of safe monitoring and safeguarding occupied commercial buildings, blocks of flats, luxury suites, penthouses, apartments & more, providing peace of mind to the residents or employees.

Large properties that generate constant and busy foot traffic can benefit from the steadfast safeguarding and protection delivered by the concierge security services provided by Knight and Day Security Limited. The concierge security services help to safeguard the residents, as well as the customers, employees & visitors. Under this umbrella comes a number of varied benefits. We provide reliable and robust on-site concierge security services to protect large premises, landlords, property management companies and large businesses in the very sector. 

Concierge Security - Objective

The first line of defence placed primarily on apartment buildings, hotels, and corporate places is concierge security. These security guards are normally instructed to man the front desk, welcome people as they enter and exit the building, conduct regular patrols, monitor CCTV & deal with any security enquiries, concerns, or issues. 

The main goal of concierge security guards is to ensure that additional security and safety are delivered to the residents of the building and to make certain that any unauthorised access is discouraged. 

Being extremely diverse in nature, the demand for concierge security services in the UK is really popular. From colossal skyscrapers that are home to thousands of offices to vast industrial estates housing an expansive range of industries on the outskirts, each one would benefit from dedicated guarding to keep assets, people & properties safe & secure.

A few examples of the concierge security services delivered in the UK by Knight and Day Security Limited include but are not limited to: 

Corporate Concierge Security

These security concierges provide customer service in hotels, including assistance and help to guests by showing them their rooms or helping to book tours. As part of their training, these concierges can quickly pivot between a hospitality and security mindset, depending on the need of the situation. In emergency situations, they are trained to provide strategic support. 

Included with their ability to perform various tasks, they can easily spot criminal activity due to their extensive training.

Concierge Security Responsibilities

  • Concierge Security Staff performs a number of roles designed to protect both premises and personnel. Common concierge security responsibilities you can avail yourself with Knight and Day Security Limited include:
  • Patrolling the site, checking for signs of unauthorised access
  • Maintaining strict no-smoking policies
  • Remaining highly visible to act as a deterrent for anyone looking to vandalise property
  • Unlocking and locking doors, gates and windows and specified times
  • Arranging for the delivery and storage of materials on-site
  • Checking that all contractors have the right passes to enter the building
  • To make sure that delivery vehicles park in the correct bays
  • Logging details of guests who park on the premises or visit occupants

If you’re looking for a well-reputed and reliable concierge security service in the UK with ample experience, then get in touch with our team today. Call us on 0800 009 6977 to learn more about how we can assist. We’re constantly upgrading our strategies to remain at the forefront of security so join us today.