Domestic Property Inspection and Security

If you are looking for a reliable and responsible team of guards to protect your home when it is vacant and when you are away, then look no further! We offer a range of services tailored to your requirements and budget!

Mobile Patrols

Our highly trained and (EFAW) Emergency First Aid at Work certified mobile response officers are ready day or night to patrol the inside and outsides of business and domestic properties, manufacturing units and industrial estates.

Having uniformed and well-equipped patrolling officers in the surrounding area, patrolling in random time checks itself acts as a huge deterrent for many potential criminals.

Holiday Home Security

Categorised as tempting hotspots, Second homes and holiday properties are at a much larger risk. These properties are often well stocked yet unsupervised, resulting in being the prime targets for criminals.

We offer highly visible, random mobile patrols around the property. We cater to deliver a complete security package that acts as a significant deterrent to make sure that your personal property is kept safe and secure in your absence.

Key Holding & Alarm Responses

We take the responsibility of being an approved licensed key holder and alarm responder very seriously. We take full responsibility that if the alarms are set off during any time of the night, we are the people who are after it and not you. 

We make sure that the property is secure when we exit and the alarms are reset. The whole process will be carried out without disturbing your peace of mind. 

Void Property Inspections

Whether you talk about the property developers, housing associations, local councils or commercial agents, the problem faced by void or vacant property is the same for all as it becomes vulnerable to crime.

Our expert security team specialises in inspecting and eliminating risks and dangers. Our experts make sure to conduct checks at the property by being highly visible. We strive to hand over the property to the owner in the very same condition, that we took it in. Extensive reporting and diligent eyes is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

We have years of experience with­in the reac­tive manned guard­ing sec­tor. When the need is at its great­est, we have been able to source and deploy pres­ence to the affected sites in no time. 

Vacant Property Protection

Our team of security personnel own a prestigious portfolio of protecting vacant properties.

  • Free Security Risk Assessment 
  • Specialised Property Occupancy & Condition Reports
  • Flexible Vacant Property Inspections

Being an easy target of abuse, our security teams make sure that your vacant property remains secure and undamaged. From alarms, CCTV surveillance and guarding services, to sending regular updates and acting promptly on any security issues – we cover it all! 

With an extremely competitive price, we deliver simple, cost-effective security measures to secure and monitor your premises and mitigate any potential risks.