Education / Campus Security

Educational leaders strive for the security of their staff and students to make the academic environment secure and safe for all. In order for the parents to feel safe about their choice of institution for their children. We have an extensive experience in numerous sectors, you can be confident in our ability to meet these needs for a secure premises.

Security Options For Every Academic Environment

Our ultimate goal as your security partner is to create a positive, welcoming environment as well as a safe space. During term time, registration, open days and graduation ceremonies educational institutes are high-traffic sites with students, staff, suppliers and service providers coming and going at all times. Even during the semester breaks when only the limited staff is present, assets are at high risk of theft and vandalism so our security services remain essential.

Campus Site Solutions

Despite the size and niche of your institution, we begin with a detailed risk assessment to identify potential threats and security weak spots in the area and premises. These will range from unauthorised access, theft, vandalism, fire, flood and irresponsible or risky behaviour by students. We will create a tailored plan catering all of the security needs of your premises along with an integrated solution.

The professional team of security officers blends in the campus environment getting them familiar with the campus team, the students and providing a friendly, reassuring presence. Recognising that our officers may well be the first port of call in the event of an urgent situation, they undergo an awareness training programme to help them identify and support individuals with wellbeing issues.

The visible presence of uniformed officers also acts as a deterrent to any would-be perpetrator – and of course, they’re first on the scene of an accident, fire or any activity that might put students’ health or safety at risk. We provide end-to-end contemporary technology solutions including the supply, installation, monitoring and maintenance of a variety of systems which can be monitored remotely or from an on-site control room. All our security teams are EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) qualified and are also trained in Conflict management and de-escalation techniques.

One of the most common challenges that educational campuses face nowadays are nurturing a secure, safe learning environment in line with fluctuating regulations and the constraints of tight budgets. We commit to deliver integrated educational institution and campus security solutions that meets that challenge. 

Highly Trained Campus Security Officers

All of our security officers undergo a strict and tough scrutiny process in order to be able to ensure a safe and secure environment on any educational premises. They also undergo rigorous in-house training to make certain that they have an in-depth understanding of the likely challenges and threats they might face and that they are well aware how to respond accordingly. Our school security officers are trained to carry out all the following services:

  • Reception and front desk duties (employee and visitor screening)
  • Customer services
  • Package screening (x-ray scans)
  • Maintaining visitors’ and suppliers’ log
  • Manned guarding
  • Effectively managing suspicious activities around the perimeter
  • Entry and access control
  • Parking management and enforcement
  • Inner and outer perimeter patrols
  • Conducting fire alarm and evacuation tests
  • Managing emergency situations
  • Search procedures (if required) – human, bag, vehicle, etc.
  • Incident reporting and writing
  • First Aid