Film and TV Security

If you are in search of a trusted and reliable security company to provide you a secure and safe working environment for Unit Bases, Filming Locations and TV Studios in the UK then your search ends here!  We are leading providers of outside broadcast security in the UK. Additionally, we are one of a handful of security companies in the UK that can give specialised, trained and experienced officers outside broadcast security.

TV Show and Event Security

Our services include main as well as remote site protection for both equipment and personnel needs. We carry out thorough pre-event planning to identify and address any potential security issues and guarantee uninterrupted transmissions throughout the event.

Our well-trained security team oversees every aspect of your filming location, including crowd control, traffic management, queue monitoring, and access.

The Security Services We Commit

For Unit Bases, Filming Locations, and TV Studios, we offer a secure working environment as being experts in film, television, and media security in the UK. We serve as your initial point of contact, and we offer concierge services for substantial outdoor broadcast events too. Our customers always obtain a quality of service that precisely suits their safety needs. We continually strive to be on the leading edge of technology in the security services industry. We invest in technology that leverages our deliverables for greater productivity, safety and satisfaction We comprehend the culture of filmmaking, a respect for the productions and performers and their daily activities, and, most crucially, an awareness of the standard of service they demand.

Location Coning

Making sure the “no go” or “filming” region is precisely demarcated is essential to the logistics of having a continuous and interrupted shoot. We specialise in coning off regions and taking complete control of the site. We understand how crucial it is to keep parking spaces clear for Technical and Unit Base vehicles, and we’ll make sure designated spots are kept coned for whatever length is necessary. 

Our top priority is ensuring the production site is as safe as possible at all times while causing the least amount of inconvenience to the general public. We also recognise how crucial it is for our staff to develop strong working relationships with locals in order to earn their trust and gain their cooperation. To guarantee clear access to your unit base or location, our security experts can also be on the scene before your team does.

The world of TV and movie production is constantly expanding, thus project planning and security must be taken seriously. We are focused on continuous improvement throughout our business to improve the image of security in the community.