How safe is it to be a Security Guard?

Being a security guard is by no means an easy job; however, it can also be very fulfilling, with many advantages.

It is a good idea to be prepared for some of the riskier elements of the role.

These include:

  • Facing dangerous situations – this one is obvious, but security guards work in settings that may attract criminal activity, therefore they are exposed to some personal risk. Although the work of a security officer may be dangerous, their training can help prepare them to respond safely and effectively in emergency situations. Security officers have the training they need to defend themselves, others and the properties under their surveillance.
  • Often there will be a need to work nights and weekends – although security officers have some flexibility in choosing their schedules, there may be times when they need to work nights, weekends or holidays. Working overnight can be physically challenging, and security officers may need to account for balancing their work schedules with their personal lives. For security officers who work nonstandard hours, it’s important to consider their personal needs and implement strategies for self-care.
  • Potentially working in uncomfortable conditions – Some security officers work outdoors or in uncomfortable environments. They may need to work outside in cold, hot or wet weather conditions or work in settings that may expose them to hazardous materials, like a laboratory or manufacturing facility. Security officers working in these environments can improve their comfort by dressing appropriately, staying hydrated and following all facility policies for wearing protective gear.

There are many ways to overcome the negative impact that being a security guard might pose. This article provides information on how to look after yourself, whilst providing a top class service when on duty:

Pros and cons of being a security officer

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Source: Indeed