Keyholding and Alarm Response

As the region’s top provider of security services and personnel, we, at Knight and Day Security Limited can provide our clients with a key holding team who are available at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day. 

Keyholding Service

When it comes to holding keys, businesses around in the UK often assign responsibility to a specific employee. This employee will then be required to respond to after-hours emergencies at your premises, visit the building if an alarm is triggered or if emergency services are called, and may be at personal risk, depending on the nature of the incident. That’s a lot of pressure for a co-worker, especially one who probably didn’t anticipate such a task when applying to the company. That’s where the security officers at Knight and Day Security Limited come in, who are highly trained, professional and ready to undergo any emergency.

Alarm Response

As a designated keyholder, our security officer is your company’s first point of contact when your internal or external security alarms go off outside of business hours. They will be present at the crime scene and allow all involved parties, including police and investigators, access to the building (if necessary). They stay on site as long as necessary, making sure where possible to reset the alarm and securely lock the building on exit.

Emergency Call-Outs

Even if the emergency services are called to your building after hours, the first person they contact is our key holder. This applies in the event of a burglary, fire or anything else that requires the attention of the emergency services. Our key holder will be on site and liaising with the relevant local authorities to determine the cause of the problem and self-assess any damage to the building.

Detailed Reporting

Our key holding personnel stay on the site until everyone else has left, whether it’s because of an alarm or a call from the police or fire brigade. They make sure that the building is securely locked up once more and that any security issues (broken doors, shattered windows, etc.) have been fixed.

Subsequently, utilising a client-specific process that will be agreed upon between us, they will put together a thorough report based on their own findings and the police’s findings, where necessary. They will then transmit this report to the client.

Even false alarms are followed up on with a report that may include recommendations for extra security measures. Every call-out receives a report, even those that turn out to be false alarms, which may also include further suggestions. In our role as your first responder, we immediately arrive before the police do!

We act as key holders for your property. Your keys are kept in our secure location and sent to a trained security officer when an alarm is triggered. We have a quick response time and can be at your business location within 30 minutes of reporting.

You don’t have to worry about emergency aid either. We have a lot of experience in dealing with the police, fire brigade and ambulance, representing you.

Cost-effective & Reliable

A crucial component of protecting your company’s security is keyholding. It provides complete peace of mind and may also help lower insurance premiums.
Electronic reports, round-the-clock assistance and direction, as well as a contract manager who watches after your site are all part of our added support.
To discuss how Keyholding can benefit your company, get in touch. Our professional key holding solutions give you:

  • Fast response times, accredited to our innovative technology and well-trained teams.
  • Our solutions can work alongside existing security staff or as part of new security measures.
  • Assurance that your business is safe around the clock, with trained staff ready to respond ASAP.

Key holding is typically implemented in addition to current security measures like CCTV cameras, alarms, and guards. Due to the staff’s quick response times, Key Holding can also serve as an effective substitute for an on-site guard.