Mobile Patrols

We can provide you with vigilant and robust mobile security patrols for both residential and commercial premises. Our dedicated uniformed officer in a marked security vehicle will carry out the patrol as per the specified protocol. 

Private Property Security

We use warning boards, gate signs and window stickers to provide a visible notification that security patrols your premises. If an incident happens, our security officers will stay put on the site and follow the escalation measures to ensure that your building is as secure as possible.

If your premises cover a larger area, We make sure that everyone stays in the loop with the security updates by ensuring a central point of coordination.

All our security teams are knowledgeable, experienced, professional and accredited in the UK, with a clear apprehension of the responsibilities required of a mobile patrol unit. No business is big or small for us! 

Mobile Security Patrols To Keep Your Property Safe

The main benefit you can achieve by appointing a mobile security patrol is the visible deterrent to potential criminals and trespassers. It is a cost effective measure of ensuring security coverage over an entire site.

All our security officers are vigorously trained to address various types of security situations. To cater to every need and requirement, we provide both internal and external patrols, committing to varying degrees of security measures. 

Ensuring Health And Safety

We ensure that every security officer in our team is carefully vetted. They are first aid trained and have deep knowledge in health and safety procedures. 

We assist businesses across all sectors in feeling at ease. Your property will be patrolled 24/7 depending on our agreement by skilled and authorised mobile security guards to deter threats. Mobile security patrols are conducted at random intervals. Customers using this service will receive prominent warning boards. Threats from fire, flood, and vandalism will be considerably reduced by routine inspections by mobile patrol officers. 

We offer services at a reasonable price and commit to taking care of your last-minute requirements. We are able to provide your company with the greatest protection possible, complementing our flexible and tailored services. 

Get in contact with us right away if you’re interested in safeguarding one or more of your properties. Request a FREE, no-obligation estimate today.