What will be the biggest surprise for security in 2023?

Like any year, 2022 was full of surprises for the physical security industry. Adapting to supply chain shortages, lightning-fast technology development and the changing occupancy patterns in a shifting labor market were just a few of the factors that kept security professionals guessing last year.

A roundtable discussion held at the end of 2022 reveals the thoughts of some of the industry leaders on what 2023 could hold in store for the security world.

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 featured, and it’s affects have changed the landscape of protecting people and possessions. For example organisations will need to enable individuals to enter a secure area without the need to touch any surface or carry any badge, token or mobile phone, ensuring employee and visitor safety without compromising security. 

Another area of discussion was around organisations with publicly accessible storefronts, who may potentially face the most significant problems. Organisations will begin to pay higher prices for trained and qualified protection professionals, whilst also shifting their paradigm to address threats using protective intelligence. Overall, filling the void and preventing threats will require that security teams and companies hire protective intelligence analysts, and invest in technology and early warning data that allows security teams to be proactive.

Brad McMullen of 3xLOGIC Inc. predicts the return to the office – at least in a hybrid manner – for many employees who have been working remotely since the onset of the pandemic. This major shift back to employees being in physical buildings will drive companies to look for ways to utilise their existing security infrastructure to provide “beyond security” insights such as building occupancy, utilisation, and management. We will better understand the use of buildings via access control data including varying occupancy levels, times that people are transiting entrances and exits, movement within the estate and more. Remote access control can allow the hybrid work approach to be as effective as in person. Security Administrators can add or remove credentials remotely for visitors or new employees. Video Management Systems can be used not only to perform security operations, but also for remote management of people access to secure spaces, verification of access requests, interactive hosting and improved business insights.

In summary

Among the surprises 2023 could offer is a continuing need for touchless technologies. Growing cyber-threats could also catch security professionals off guard. Companies and institutions may find themselves with insufficient resources to ensure adequate security. It is therefore imperative to ensure that you have adequate security systems in place for your business.

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Source: Source Security