Asset Protection

Asset protection is the undertaking performed within its scope that is predominantly oriented towards the protection of high-value possessions and assets of the client from being stolen, damaged, counterfeited, or used against their will.

Whether you are in renewables, transport, telecoms, energy, any other sector, or simply require asset protection security at your home, We have the capability and expertise to safeguard your valuable assets, regardless of any industry or place. 

Our security guards designated for asset protection are highly trained and adequately equipped to fulfil their tasks satisfactorily. Activities includes regular monitoring of the assets and ensuring that they have not been accessed by any unwanted individuals. These security teams are trained to be immediately available at the time of any emergency. 

At Knight and Day Security Limited some of the services and facilities we commit to, but are not limited to, include:

  • EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) Qualified Protection officers
  • Security surveys and risk assessments
  • Covert and overt presence dependent on the requirement
  • Tracking systems and monitoring CCTVs
  • On/Off-road mobile patrols using specialist vehicles

We provide unrivalled support to all of its prestigious clients. The service also includes a rapid response anywhere in the UK and full incident management. 

Asset protection provides a vital role for anything from national critical infrastructure to products owned by an organisation and the negative attributes that come from theft, damage and sabotage. Every project is assessed on an individual basis ensuring that specific areas are addressed, these could be:

  • Analysing the threats
  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying the risks
  • Assessing current measures of protection (if they exist)
  • Designing a solution to match the level of risk and potential loss