Solar and Wind Farm Security

We offer onsite and remote security services to all types of renewable energy farms in the northwest or nationwide – delivering you with efficient and effective security coverage and minimising your exposure to vulnerability.

Solar and wind farms consume a vast expansion of land. They are bound to be located in extremely remote areas far from the cities. The size and the location both contribute together to making them potentially easy targets and makes them difficult to secure too. To minimise the opportunities for theft and vandalism, many lands use fences. However, they prove to be impractical due to the size of these farms. 

Solar and wind farms contain equipment that is of really high value, including solar panels, wiring and controllers that happen to be inviting for potential property thieves. They can anonymously steal tens of thousands of dollars of equipment without anyone knowing. If not stolen, the turbines and bigger mechanical devices can be easily manipulated or sabotaged, resulting in costly downtime and service outages.

At Knight and Day Security Limited, we understand the investment of time and capital required on such farms and will ensure that you get the best security solutions based on the local terrain, environment and the neighbouring factors that are a risk to your farm. Whether you require top of a range sensory CCTV system that monitors 24/7 or vigilant manned guards, we can tailor a security package to suit all of your operational requirements at a competitive price.

Planning to Secure Solar and Wind Farms

Among the most effective yet comprehensive measures to protect wind and solar farms are using integrated security systems combined with video surveillance with Artificial Intelligence and video analytics, access control and remote monitoring.

The access doors of wind turbines are often minimally secured, giving way to wiring and network computer equipment inside the tower. Knight and Day Security Limited offers robust access control solutions that give you complete control over who can access solar and wind farms and when. Grant and revoke access in real-time and pull detailed access history reports to better manage personnel and contractors on site. Theft and vandalism will not only create problems for the entire grid but will also affect numerous customers that are relying on your power system for their daily consumption. 

We will not only provide video surveillance using audio and visual deterrents to scare away potential criminals but will also combine site surveillance and access control with remote monitoring to give your solar and wind farm an added level of security.

We have highly experienced and competitive virtual security experts that keep constant watch over your solar and wind farm sites. Our vigilant staff can notify the relevant authorities immediately to dispatch law enforcement within seconds when other on-site deterrents have not worked.

What do we do?

Deter Crime

For remote sites like the solar and wind farms, theft and vandalism are common incidents to occur. We provide video surveillance which allows us to detect activity before a crime occurs.

Monitor Sites 24/7

Usually, the nighttime when the premises is lightly occupied or deserted is when the threats of theft and vandalism are the highest. With the help of remote monitoring, we enable you to keep an eye on and protect your location at odd and critical hours. We can monitor your sites on off-hours or 24/7 to ensure your peace of mind and depending on the needs of your team.

Minimise Service Disruptions

Solar and wind farms need to stay operational without any interruption in power services for customers. Theft of materials and vandalism not only require replacement and repairs but also result in costly disruption of services to customers leading to frustration. Video surveillance and vigilant security monitoring to keep an eye on equipment are effective ways to minimise downtime due to malfunctions and damage to wind turbines and solar panels.

Other reasons to rely on us include:

  • We can get staff members on site within 24 hours
  • We’ll work with you to find a suitable day and time to visit
  • Only the latest, cutting edge, top of the range equipment is used
  • Staff are EFAW (Emergency First Aid at Work) qualified and also trained in Conflict management and de-escalation techniques
  • Our office is active and staffed 24 hours a day
  • Response to genuine emergencies is immediate
  • We’re punctual and reliable

No job is too big or small for our dedicated team. For more information and a free quote, get in touch today!