Community Support Officers

The Community Support Officers – CSOs act as a bridge in maintaining peace and harmony in the community while resolving crime and community safety-related issues. 

Our Community Support Officers assist police officers and responsible regulating bodies by responding to urgent service requests. Police officers are able to react to more urgent emergency calls and spend more time engaging in proactive enforcement as a result.

This collaborative effort is between the local police, social service providers, and local communities for non-criminal service requests, outreach, education, and public safety. 

Welfare Support

A welfare check is conducted when a request is made to visit someone who is believed to be vulnerable, or at risk for other reasons. This is an important tool for building safe communities. Our community support officers can conduct welfare checks as these have become a considerable demand on police resources. 

Since the police have limited resources. This demand can increase the risk of harm to those needing police support elsewhere. Our officers can facilitate, support and assist the elderly, disabled and other individuals in need.

If your community needs patrolling by uniformed security officers, please give us a call at 0800 009 6977.